Creativity and Your Surroundings

My name is Ashleigh-ellan and I am a clean freak.

I haven’t always been this way, in fact my mum will probably have ruined her laptop by spitting tea out of her nose when she reads that first line. However, this was before I’d found my creativity and eventually my calling. I am fairly relaxed as a human but it turns out that isn’t true either, as soon as OH leaves something somewhere it doesn’t live, I get so annoyed! I sat and thought about why it is that hair gel in the kitchen or a mountain of empty yogurt pots on his side of the bed upsets me, and I came to the conclusion that is because my creativity is stifled by nonsense around me.

Creativity is a big monster. They often talk about mental health issues being a big black dog that is hard to manage and whilst that is true (I will touch on this in a later blog post) I would like to put forward that actually, creativity is a also a big dog but made of craft supplies.

Image result for knitted dog

Creativity needs a huge amount of room. It needs space for storage, space for design, space for making and space for selling (if you’re into that!) and it also needs a lot of space in your brain. Knowing where things are in your crafting space is the very best thing, even if it’s not a strict, hard and fast rule. So here are my top 3 ways to organise your craft space but specific to sewing space:

  1. Buy a kit bag! I never really subscribed to this one to begin with as I was used to working ina  small but dedicated sewing space where everything was within 3ft of me. But as I started working more on projects that involved me carrying out home visits or theatre visits, I found I needed somewhere to put all my day-to-day kit. I bought this one as a seconds, apparently the lining wasn’t right but I’ve had it for two years and never noticed! I filled mine with my own stuff but you can also buy them pre-filled. It makes my life so much easier, and when I’m at home it just hangs on a hook, ready to go.
  2. Keep each project separate! Because I am trying to pay my bills (or at least fund my gin habit) with sewing, I often end up having 40 million projects on the go and all of the findings for each too. Pop each project into a big ikea freezer bag, and you’re golden. Everything stays with everything else.
  3. Good housekeeping is a must! I’m not saying your floors have to be sparkling or all your washing up done, even if Singer do recommend it. I mean just making sure every time you’re finished, you put things back in their homes, have a quick hoover up of all the stray threads, make sure everything is squared away and ready for you next time. It might be a bit of a pain at the time, but Future You will be grateful, I promise.

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What top tips for happy sewing do you have?


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