Corset Series – A Round Up

Let’s start with some photos because yum…

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

That fan lacing though… Phwoar.

So things that I learned about this corset/process.


I need to charge more for corsets with interesting shaping. I thought that it would be fairly simple to make this shape happen but I was a bit wrong. It might just be my attention to detail or the fact that halfway through this turned into a bit of a labour of love, but it took more fittings and more pattern changes than I’d normally need to do, so if I do anything fancy and complicated again, I need to make sure to charge accordingly.


As an accompanying item, there was also a matching blue/green bolero. No worries, I thought, as I fitted the first toile and it was fine. Oh gosh how wrong was I. The garment was great, and fit great, hitting all the points it needed to, but my brain was having NONE of it. I suffer from anxiety but it is largely controlled by good time management and sensible realistic mantras, but my brain was not my friend. So in future, I need to make sure that I really steel myself against the brain demons, so if/when they make an appearance, I can kick them to one side.


I managed to find half of a fan lacing tutorial, only for the top half, and it was from 10 years ago so no chance to ask follow up questions. It was also only how to do it for one set of clasps and I was working with two. However, with a lot of perseverance, tea and staring blankly at illustrations, I managed to make it work. I now only ever want to do fan lacing on everything, and it features on at least one outfit of this second collection.


But the main thing I learned was that I am SO lucky to be able to get to do this as a living (sort of) and bring such beautiful things into the world. I don’t want kids, ever, but I am guessing that seeing such a gorgeous piece go out into the world is a lot like seeing your kids leave for their first day of school… *single, dramatic tear*


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