Weekend at Asylum 10/X/2019

So it arrived again! Asylum was here and then it went again!

I spent the whole week last week running around and finishing the last bits of sewing for people, and even managed to sew a single skirt for myself. I mean, it didn’t have a hem but it did mean that I wasn’t nakey the whole weekend!

Thursday came around and we were not feeling up to the Advanced Guard but did manage to have a lovely night in where I had an early night and felt miles better for it! On Tuesday evening, I was asked to take part in the fashion show with my final collection but didn’t have enough time to round up my models, so I put on a static exhibition. It went well, my work was well received and I did a boatload of networking. I was also encouraged to put together a second collection but for the runway next year which gives me a whole year to put together a whole new collection of work. I am a little stressed about it already but I think it’s under control.

Friday day time I placed some work in the Great Exhibition, after being asked by my friends to submit my dragon scale jacket as an exhibit. I was excited to see it amongst other interesting work, and met other exhibitors who created photographs, 3D art works and all kinds of other cool stuff. I loved seeing my work in the exhibition and hearing people talk about it, and then being able to excitedly tell them ‘that’s my work!’. Fabulous feelings all round.

Saturday was significantly more relaxed, as was Sunday! OH and I had a tintype classic Victorian photograph taken, I helped out Doctor Geof at his stall, and met so many people who were in the right place at the right time.

Overall, the whole of Asylum was super chilled out, apart from the first evening, and the bit where I have to have more fantastic ideas to put together another collection. I took no photographs this weekend, but found new models, new customers and new friends.